Terms and Conditions

By using the website and accessing the contents given in the website, the visitors are subjected to the terms and conditions that are laid down according to the policies made by Reviews Castle. The visitors are to accept the policy terms in order to continue their access; in case the visitor does not accept the terms, they are requested not to use the website further. The acceptance of these terms will be considered from the registration of the user on the website. The terms and conditions for the website are given hereunder:

1. User Registration:

The contents of Reviews Castle are offered limited, subjected to revocation and non-transference. Hence the website requires the users to register themselves in order to have complete access to the website.

1.1. User Registration Terms:

A person or user can create one user profile one person by entering personal credentials including username, email, location, etc. The account created is to be used for personal and non-commercial means and the user is required to offer accurate credentials and should use real identity instead of a pseudonym.

In addition to the registration, the user is also requested to create a strong password using alphabets, hyphens, numbers, etc. The user is also requested to keep the password confidential and it is the sole responsibility of the user to keep the access of the account safe. Contact our support in terms of compromise of the account.

2. User Rights:

Reviews Castle holds the right to use the content published on the website; that including the users’ posts, in several ways. This includes the display of the content publicly, within advertisements and other derivatives. Upon registration, the user provides the website uninterrupted, assignable, transferable and complete access to their content, including but not limited to texts, characteristics, references, graphics, etc. By derivatives, the website can use the user’s content in terms of distribution, translation, analysis, and preparation of further content, which is subjected to but not limited to modifications by the website.

3. General Terms:

Reviews Castle processes every data connected with the website. That includes further processing of the data taken into account for privacy policies, reservation of the right to modify, translate user data, site discontinue, etc. that is at the sole discretion of the website.

4. Termination of Account:

The users are subjected to account termination or access revocation. Reviews Castle holds the right to terminate or revoke the access of the user at any time without notice and with immediate effect in case the user is found to be violating the terms discussed in section 1, 2 and 3.

5. Disclaimers & Liability Limitations:

The section discusses the liabilities of Reviews Castle that is entitled to the users:

5.1. User Discretion:

The website is available to all users. However, the use of the website is at the sole discretion of the user and Reviews Castle will not be liable and makes no claim in terms of quality, accuracy, and reliability of the content published on the website.

5.2. Third Party Attachments:

Reviews Castle makes no claims regarding association with any third party, business or website. The website is not entitled to offer accruements to the users for any kind of loss occurring via third party sources.

5.3. Disclaimers:

The website disclaims liabilities for any indirect, incidental or interruptive damages occurring to the users in terms of loss of information, reputational or business interruptions. However, Reviews Castle is entitled to offer aggregate liability for the losses occurring to the users in connection with the website directly.

6. Policy For Copyright Dispute:

Reviews Castle has adopted the copyright infringement policies laid in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in order to remove any content related to the website posted at any other place.