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B Jones
Published Wednesday, Jul 31, 2019

I Called these people to haul off an unwanted car. A car I had purchased months earlier from a guy for parts. I had not registered the car in my name because it was just for parts. They told me that they would haul the car off for free, I just needed to sign some paperwork. Later that week I received a phone call from the previous owner saying that he received a bill from Webers $220 for towing and storage. I was appalled, they had flat out lied to me. I would not have let them remove the car from my property if I knew they were going to bill someone. DO NOT use Webers to tow off scrap car, they will rip you off.

Megan Storey
Published Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019

ELI:Thanks so much for your quick customer service and professionalism getting my car charged on my way last night. I also appreciated you not being annoyed with all my questions lol. I can also thank AAA for their excellent customer service. Be safe out there, good people and God Bless.

Weber's Auto Parts & Towing

Jumpstarts * Lockouts * Recovery * Insurance * Motorclubs * Dealers * Private Property Impound Service "It's time to expect more from a towing company" Weber's has been a major towing provider for the greater Yakima area for over 30 years. The name has become synonymous with excellence, quality, and professionalism.

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