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Lily James
Published Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019

Do Not use this company!!! My dryer was not heating consistently. The repairman looked at it, opened the bottom of the dryer and proclaimed I did not have proper airflow from the dryer to the outside of the house. He did not perform any tests to confirm it was not a faulty part and would not try to clear any obstruction in the dryer. He left within 10 minutes and charged $79.99 for the service call. Later that day I checked the outside vent and there seemed to be plenty of airflow. I also purchased a dryer duct cleaning system and spent a couple of hours cleaning the duct work which for the most part was clear. I called them back and talked to a supervisor about coming out again. The supervisor said I would have to have a receipt from a professional duct cleaning service (about $100-$150) before they would come back and attempt to service my dryer. I ended up researching my dryer problem online and found this to be a very common issue. The fix was a $10 Dryer Valve Coil Solenoid kit from Amazon, a YouTube video and about 15 minutes of time. Either the service technician was incompetent or the company is a rip off. I suspect a little of both.

A Plus Garage Door Repair

Garage door openers are often overlooked. They are hardly thought of other than when you pull out, or pull into your garage. However, once they break and no longer work, that's the time when you will sorely miss them. A Plus Garage Doors in Kaysville can get your garage door opener back up and running in no time, offering safety, reliability, and convenience for your family.

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