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Megan Storey
Published Thursday, Mar 14, 2019

My 76 year old mother needed to get her garage door fixed in Brooklyn and me being here in Texas it was tough to find somebody trustworthy and reliable I turned to Reviews Castle as usual and found this company and boy glad I had they did any amazing job my mother felt like they were her own they even came back a month later just to see how the garage door was people that care. Thank you

Jason Roy
Published Wednesday, Nov 06, 2019

Very Professional, Courtesy and Pricey

Speedy Doors NYC

Speedy Doors of NYC is a service provider based in New York City who believes that there is no reason why a shop owner or a homeowner will wait more than 2 hours to get their roll-up steel door repaired. If you are the owner of a rolling door in New York City, and it can be a commercial use roller shutter or a home garage door, you want the door to be strong, reliable, and as beautiful as possible. If we will leave the part of how beautiful the door is (Since different people will consider different roller shutters in New York as beautiful or not), and we will give some attention to the security needs and the need of the door to work for many years, and at the same time to remain in operable condition at all times, Speedy Doors of NYC is the service provider that can deliver.

63 N 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY - US



(917) 983-7370