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George Mathew
Published Wednesday, Mar 27, 2019

I work with adults with disabilities and used this company about a year ago to move one of my clients into his new apartment. They provided us with a window for when they'd show up at his which is not at all unusual. It was, as I recall 9 AM-3 PM. My client took the day off work just to be safe. Ultimately he should have just worked and made some money. Sometime after 3 PM, having waited all day, I called Greg to get an ETA for the movers. He said they were on their way. By 4 they had still not shown up. I called again and was informed that they were still at their previous location, which clearly means that they were NOT "on their way" earlier. Then, Greg revealed to me that they were in fact nearly an hour away (I can't remember the city they were in at this point..but it was far..and during rush hour..and I want to say it was like the friggin' Dalles or something). In a subsequent call I asked Greg if he could call the movers to see how much longer it would be, as my company was paying for extra staff to sit around with us and wait to assist with the move. He said there was no point as it would "slow them down"...whatever the hell that means. His attitude was incredible and he acted like it was an inconvenience whenever I called. I eventually left my client with my co-worker and heard later the truck finally got there sometime around 6:00 PM. The move wasn't completed till nearly 7:30 PM as I recall. The movers themselves did a fine job from what I was told. But I've never had such a bad experience with a moving company. I would never recommend them to anybody. You'd be better off taking a Trimet bus to move. Later I had some email exchanges with Greg and never once was he apologetic about the move. I let him know then, and it still stands, that I would never recommend them to any of my coworkers seeking to move their clients. Or anybody for that matter.

Roy Ethan
Published Thursday, Oct 17, 2019

I recently shipped two vehicles with Jane at Smooth Move People. I run a dealership and was tired of the auctions transporters taking two weeks to deliver a vehicle from San Francisco to San Bernardino Ca, a 6-8 hour trip. So I decided to look for a third party transporter and quickly found Jane at Smooth Move People, I read the reviews and decided to ship my vehicles with her. Let me tell you, Jane is what makes this company legit. She promised and delivered, great customer service, on time transportation. Overall a wonderful experience and I will definitely be using Smooth Move People as my only transporter from this moment forward. Thank you!!!

Smooth Move People

A growing family needs more room or empty-nesters are looking to downsize. A graduate student going to a new state for their doctorate, a professional relocating for a new job, or a business owner moving into a new retail space. Getting into your first house or finding your forever home.

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