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Carolyn Long
Published Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I must say I filled out a form online and these guys gave me an approximation of prices to get my car from Tampa to So Cal. The day I signed the form the car was picked up that afternoon and 5 days later it appeared at my destination.. I have no complaints and was very happy with the delivery. I would use them again!

Donald K
Published Tuesday, Jul 02, 2019

Movers, Not Shakers, arrived three hours late. They claimed it was because of a broken truck. But they did not call to update me on the status of their arrival. The actual move went off well, but I was really disappointed that the company didn't value my time enough to at least keep me in the loop as to when the movers might arrive.

Jeffrey Sharer
Published Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

This is my second move with Excalibur and I'm having to edit my original review. Upon request, I wrote my initial review before the movers even left. After unpacking and really taking a step back, I realized this move was really subpar compared to my last move with Excalibur. My first move was a 2 bedroom apartment into another 2 bedroom apartment, this took about 4 hours. This second move was again, a 2 bedroom apartment into a 2 bedroom house, but this time the move took about 9 hours! Now, the distance was longer this time but I think 9 hours is a bit excessive for a small living space and 23 mile move. We actually have less stuff and less elevator trouble then we did during our first move so I'm not sure why it took so long. We also have started discovering broken items including a NewTV stand, oscillating fan, dishes (that were wrapped in bubble wrap individually by myself), and one or two glasses. The company has been in contact with us regarding the broken items which we really appreciate. We had such a great experience the first time with the company, and although we really appreciate all the hard work put in, were kinda bummed this move wasn't as smooth as the last.

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We are proficient in providing fast and reliable packing and unpacking services. With the passage of time, Smart Choice has gained a strong command over short and long distance movers, incorporating latest technology, safety standards and sophisticated customer services that put our clients first. Bringing you comfortably into your new space.

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