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Eva John
Published Thursday, Jan 24, 2019

Anyone who has had home repairs completed knows the helplessness felt after you've paid and the work isn't done. What's your recourse? My frustration reflected in my initial 1 star review. My garage door was fixed Monday afternoon. The door is running well and looks good. Tech reached out regarding my issue and provided a partial refund of $200. It is nice the situation was acknowledged and there were remediation efforts. I still don't feel it should have taken up four days to finish; and what was completed should have been done on Friday, but happy it's done.

Published Tuesday, Oct 08, 2019

We were very pleased with Tech and his professionalism. The first garage door repair company my wife called came out and gave us a doom and gloom prognosis. The whole shabang needed to be replaced and it'll cost $895! WHAAA??? Larry made us feel like a priority and we received a call immediately as to when Tech would arrive. Upon arrival, Tech listened to the door, made an adjustment, replaced a part and bing bang boom all is well again. So often today companies want to take advantage and we appreciate Always Available Garage Door Repair for being honest, prompt, professional and reliable.

ETS Garage Door Repair

Almost every home in Salem has a garage door, and despite the latest doors using an assortment of high-tech metals and instruments they still fail. The most common failure is that the garage door will refuse to open and or close. The cause of the issue can vary from being a stuck belt to problems with the opener or even a damaged door. Some of these issues are relatively easy to fix and can be done by the homeowner him or herself. Though if everything you try short of opening up the garage door does not fix it, it is time to hire a team of professionals like us.

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