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Jamie O. Tobler
Published Tuesday, Jun 11, 2019

I wanted to reach out and provide you with the comments I posted on Home Advisor after the service provided by your company. Here is my review from Home Advisor. The same review is posted to Yelp. First, the company did not honor the original appointment I set on Home Advisor. I selected Friday at 9:00 AM. They called me and said they would be out the next morning, Thursday, at 9:00 AM. I explained that I wanted Friday, and they said that would be fine. The next day, Thursday, I'm sitting at my desk at work, and I get a call telling me they will be at my house in 30 minutes. So, we are already off to a rough start. So, I left work and arrived at the house 35 minutes later. They were already starting work because my wife was there. Great. While doing the install, they told me the Torsion Spring Cable Drums needed to be changed, as well as the brackets on the left and right side. They charged me $110.00 for the parts, which it turns out sell at Home Depot for roughly $40.00, and then they charged me $55 to install those parts, when installing those parts would have been required, even if they used my old part, because they were being paid to replace the spring as well. Putting the old parts back on should have been part of the cost of installing the new spring. The next issue I will point out is the service call charge. This company charged me $79.00 for a service call. Generally, companies only charge a service call fee when work is not done. In fact, I have a sticker from the company that originally installed the doors, sitting over my garage door openers on the wall of the garage, indicating that service call fee is waived if work is done. Third thing to point out is that they told me that I should probably replace my hinge rollers. I said I would buy them from Home Depot and replace them myself. They told me does not sell them, but they do. Another issue is the cost of the install. Over $300.00 to install MY garage door opener. I had already purchased the garage door opener I wanted. Absolutely absurd price for installing the door opener. I do want to point out though that the work was done well. I was in the garage with the team the entire time. They were very courteous and professional, and they worked fast. They did not stand around taking their time. Overall, I would never recommend this company to anyone, primarily because of the cost. Shop around because you can get it done for half of what this company charged me. After all was said and done, I was into this for over $1K, with my garage door included. Their cost alone, without the garage door, was $780.00.

Rich John
Published Monday, Mar 11, 2019

They had what I wanted, at a reasonable price, and shipped it quickly! This sums it up. I would order again.

Ni Triv
Published Friday, Jul 12, 2019

On March 5th, I contacted Patriot Garage Services in error. I had searched "Kitsap Gargage Door" on the internet as that is who originally installed our garage door and that is who I wanted to come repair it. I apparently wasn't paying close enough attention and Patriot was the first result that popped up and I called them thinking it was Kitsap Garage Door. I scheduled them to come out the next day to fix our garage door which had a broken spring. They came out and fixed it; they were here less than an hour and never gave me an estimate beforehand. I was stunned when my bill was $743. Their Yelp page states they take credit cards, but after they got here I was told they only take cash or check. I paid them and they left. A few days later, I contacted the real Kitsap Garage Door and gave them an itemized list of what I was charged. They said that they would have charged around $400, and that they had actually received multiple complaints about Patriot Garage Door misrepresenting themselves as Kitsap and about their customer service. I called Patriot Garage Door to give them a chance to make it right, and Steve said they charged so much due to their "superior parts and better warranty". I do not believe that these things warrant a price tag that is almost double.

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