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Published Monday, Nov 11, 2019

DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY! Their website is misleading with positive reviews-from TWO YEARS AGO. Our problems started almost immediately on our moving day of 8/1/17. We were set for the morning window of arrival. Not only did the truck show up more than 3-4 hours AFTER 12 PM, when I called to find out why, I was met with absolute DISRESPECT and complete UNPROFESSIONALISM by the manger with whom I demanded to speak. This was the person "in charge", and he did NOTHING but give excuses and speak to me so inappropriately for a "manager". He even told me to "relax" bc they were doing the best they could. Really, bc If that's your best, perhaps you should find another profession because you are ill equipped (in every capacity) for this one. I was more than willing to understand the 4 hour delay being due to things that you just can't help. But that WAS NOT the case here. They were late due to another move earlier, and I was expected to just deal with it-and I would have if the jerk I was talking to knew how to treat an inconvenienced customer. Well, I have never and WILL NEVER "deal" with negligence WHEN I AM MET WITH RUDENESS! Like this whole thing was my fault because I had the guts to speak my mind about what a horrible manager he is. And y'all...I haven't even gotten to the worst part. Here it comes. Oh yeah, it gets worse. My daughter's brand new headphone Beats were STOLEN! We also had 1 broken TV screen, and SEVERAL pieces of furniture chipped/scratched, etc. I called and immediately spoke with someone (who was very polite) who said he'd investigate and promised he'd call me right back. Never happened. So much for that "politeness". Finally my husband called and now they refuse to take responsibility for the stolen Beats (or even try and work out a percentage of reimbursement for them). They did however pathetically offer to give us a fractional percentage for the TV THAT THEY BROKE. We're talking not even enough money to fill up a small SUV. I have used movers several times in my life and I have never seen anything close to this. Please DO NOT use these people!! They are thieves. They are rude. And they are LIARS! Don't be fooled by the reviews on their website. I was. I would not take all this time to type this if it wasn't true. And trust me, there is no way in HELL we are going to just roll over and take this. They have absolutely not heard the last of us. No should be allowed to do these horrible things and have no consequences. Please, please, if you know someone moving soon, PLEASE warn them about these people! Spread the word about this company before you or someone you care about ends up with a mess like we have right now!!! I'm putting this all over social media as well, but this was my first stop. I truly hope this has saved at least one person from using these people!!!!

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Moving can be a very emotional experience. There is the excitement of moving to a new place. There is also the sadness that comes with leaving your old home behind. But there is one emotion that you should never have to feel with a move: stress. When you will hire us as your moving company, you will feel confident that the move will go problem-free from start to finish.

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