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John Batista
Published Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

Call center was fast and efficient! They came out and matched my availability really soon. Brett C. came to us at home and gave us the lowest prices possible for a really great value. Awesome company!!

Janis West
Published Friday, Feb 15, 2019

A mixed bag.....We had Novoferm GRP garage door fitted just over a week ago. The fitters were quick and efficient but failed to point out a missing handle/lock cover which they must have noticed. I actually collected a cover later the same day from the Luton factory but part of it cracked when fitted! Several attempts to get a replacement posted have not been successful so far (which is frustrating given that someone clearly failed to spot this issue before the door left the factory)

Layla Evans
Published Monday, Jul 08, 2019

We were initially very pleased with Lucero Fencing's professionalism and competitive pricing. They were able to start the work within a reasonable time period, finished it as promised, and Chris was generally very pleasant to work with. The issue we had with Chris and this company is when one of the posts they placed severed our sprinkler system. Unfortunately, the part that was severed appeared to be directly under the post that was cemented in. Chris refused to come out to remove the post so that we could fix the sprinklers and also refused to reimburse us the cost of the damage. Of note, this is listed in their Terms of Agreement, so unfortunately nothing can be done; however, we were highly disappointed by the lack of professionalism and extra cost that this will now incur at our expense for something that is ultimately the mistake of the company. In the future, I would suggest that Lucero Fencing recommends to homeowners that they turn on their sprinkler system prior to commencing work so that it's apparent when a sprinkler line is severed and can be easily fixed BEFORE a post is cemented into the ground. Truly disappointed in our experience and the way it was handled. Page

Lucero Fence Company

Lucero Fence Company, LLC is located in Arvada, Colorado, and serves the Denver metropolitan area. We offer a variety of fencing services at affordable prices. We have over 25 years of combined experience to serve you.

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