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Published Wednesday, Aug 07, 2019

For some time I've been wanting to get an extra key for my older Acura car. But in the past I tried a couple key makers in the Valley and they never got the key made correctly and I had to go back to them to get a refund. So when I was driving in Downtown L.A. recently I saw this Los Angeles Locksmith company and I thought, why not? It shouldn't take long to get a second car key made and I can try it right away to make sure they did it correctly and it works. Well, it took less than a half hour for them to make the key. And I had no problem with anyone at their place. They were polite and seemed very considerate and I don't know why anyone else complained here. And guess what? After they made the key and gave it to me, I tried it on my car and it opened the door and started the car up right away without any problem. So I'd say they do a damn good job. At least they did for me, so I highly recommend them. Glad I found them by accident! lol