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Janis West
Published Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019

This service is really great and facilitate the moving process and provide great help to people

Rich John
Published Wednesday, Jul 03, 2019

This company didn’t make the first appointment to pic up my car, then said it would be next week, 1 week later, ok then on Tuesday the Day before they were to pic the car up said, will pic it up to day but the price went up 250-300, we replayed with tomorrow is good for pic up, now they want even more money this is not the way to do business !!


Long distance moves will require extensive preparation and logistics support. Our staff members have performed hundreds of these types of moves and we have an advance understanding of the logistics and support required for any long distance move. Our large-scale network of teams, trucks, storage locations and dispatchers can organize even the most complex relocation strategy. We have support and services that can make any long distance move much easier and seamless process.

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