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Donald K
Published Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019

The providers listed for the service did not respond. Only one of the service provider got in touch with us for the requirement.

Published Wednesday, Jun 05, 2019

I was really hoping that I-Moving would be incredible but unfortunately I was truly disappointed with my overall experience. I called in to their customer services for an initial quote and had a very nice experience. The gentleman was very professional and respectful and gave me an initial quote of $4,000 based on my move. I totally understand that it is hard to estimate a job over the phone so I wanted to have an onsite quote so that I ensured that the quote I received was accurate. The onsite estimator showed up and we walked through the entire move. At the end, when I told him that I was quoted over the phone $4,000 - he laughed and told me that there was no way the move would cost $4,000 and was pretty much appalled that I was quoted this over the phone. He was professional and apologized but said it will cost way more that what I received over the phone and recommended that I get more quotes and I would see that this move is 4-5 times the price that I was anticipating. I was obviously extremely disappointed because I had budgeted for the move to be around $4,000 based on the quote I received over the phone. The disappointing piece was that I never received the official quote from the company. It has been 2 days and I did not get what the project cost would be. I will say that the customer service representative that originally provided the quote called me to apologize for his misquote. (The interesting thing is he truly did not misquote and the onsite representative did not quote right because see below experience related to my other moving company quotes). I ended up calling around other moving companies and had them do onsite quotes now expecting everything to come back 4-5 times what I originally budgeted based on the feedback of the estimator from I-Moving. Boy was he wrong - - every company that came out and did an onsite quote- gave me a quote of under $4,000 with the best quote being a flat rate of $3300. All these quotes were based on the same walk through. It baffles me how the person who did the onsite quote for this company basically said there is no chance that my move is $4,000 yet I have multiple quotes for under that. It is also ironic because the person that quoted my business over the phone was correct and the onsite estimator was not able to provide an accurate quote and ultimately never ended up sending a quote which is truly unprofessional. The upside of this experience is that I got multiple quotes because I probably would not have gotten more onsite quotes if it was not for my experience with this company. So at the end of the day, Thank You because I am able to complete my entire moving needs for $3300.


Needless to say, moving houses or offices is one of the trickiest tasks for most people. Right from planning the whole relocation process to packing to transporting the belongings to the new location, there’s lots of things that one needs to cater to. Precisely for this reason, our services can come in extremely handy to you. We have been helping people move houses and offices with consummate ease for several years now.

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