Mart Garage Door Repair

Mart Garage Door Repair

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Published Monday, Jan 28, 2019

Guy shows up and is disingaging to me. Checks the remotes and tell me they are not working. They were working as of yesterday. He goes to truck and replaces HIS machine batteries. Oh the remote do work. Takes s flash light and shines it up at garage door opener. Doesnot see the sensitivity button and learn button he is done for the day. Doesn't even try to get on the ladder to look for the problem. Takes pictures and goes to his truck. Write on the ticket that the garage door opener has been abused. What does that mean??? Collects his fee and leaves. Horrible horrible service. Will never use them again Oh calls my husband to tell him what he didn't find and tells my husband he doesn't know what he is talking about bc he didn't see any buttons and my husband did.