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Published Wednesday, Oct 09, 2019

My experience with Ashley Movers LA was completely positive. They are extremely helpful and professional.

Mike Russell
Published Wednesday, Apr 10, 2019

Ugh they mess up my tv, just notice after setting up. But had to edit the review, they took my claim and refunded a decent amount, so i do give them credit. The move was fine except for the tv but the company seems honest.

Ashley Movers LA

As a professional, abundantly licensed moving company, our personnel who have 10+ years of expertise in the moving industry, aim to use our knowledge and experience to facilitate all of the moves in our clients' lives for an affordable price. We are a family owned business and hope to assist you and your family by providing services that will take the stress out of new beginnings and changes, whether those milestones reached are big or small, or within the state or across the country, we will be there to ease your mind.

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