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Donald K
Published Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019

All About Moving & Storage was very professional and prompt. He was able to find me a driver really quick and my car was picked up next day. The whole process was so easy and painless. The car even showed up a day early. Awesome!!!

Alex Dexter
Published Thursday, May 09, 2019

They had great communication but weren't forthcoming with all the payments that I would have to pay in USA to pick my bag up from the airport. I was told I would only pay the customs fee if my bag was searched, but this was not the case it ended up costing me nearly double what I had originally payed to have my bag air shipped from USA. Apart from that the service was great, received reply emails within 24hours, bag got picked up from address supplied at the correct time and my bag arrived within 3 weeks of sending it.

All About Moving & Storage

Whether you're moving your home or office down the road or to a different part of the East Coast, the expert movers at All About Moving are well equipped and ready to help make your move easy. With us, you can relax knowing you'll get excellent workmanship every time.

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