Privacy Policy

The following section illuminates the privacy policies that are obligatory for the users of Reviews Castle to follow:

1. Information Collection:

This section illuminates the way that the website collects the information of the users interacting with the site.

  • Reviews Castle holds the right to access the information and the credentials that have been entered during the account registration. This includes name, password, email id, address and other mandatory credentials that were entered during account registration.
  • Profile information such as photos, images shared, demographics and other related information is also collected by the website.
  • The website collects and stores the information relocated to the reviews posted on the site. This includes information regarding the company whose related review has been posted, the person or user who has posted the review, demographical information, etc.
  • The website uses cookies and collects them to recognize the information posted from the system being used. The collection of cookies is also illuminated with a pop-up dialog box during the website loading. You can read about cookies further.
  • Browser and IP information is also collected by the website to recognize the connection, system, browser compatibility, version, language, time zone, etc.
  • In case you are signing up for newsletters from Reviews Castle, the website will collect information regarding the information supplied by the user for subscriptions.
  • The website also collects information from affiliated websites, social media accounts, etc. associated with the website. It is to connect your social networks with the website to increase the confidence in the traffic.

2. Information Disclosure:

The section provides insights regarding information disclosure policies made by Reviews Castle.

  • The user name registered for the account on the website will be alliable for other users on the website.
  • Other information provided by you including photos, reviews, etc. will be received and published on the website.
  • The location from where the user has made a contribution to the website will also be made available.
  • The connection with social media networks will be used by Reviews Castle for collecting information such as profile photo, name, date of birth, most accurate location, websites further interacting with the accounts.
  • The website will also be using the user’s contact information, known as connections, to display the connections that are connected. The site will use the information to recommend the user’s profile to others and recommend other profile to the user as well.
  • For the increase in the exposure and the availability of the website, Reviews Castle will increase the exposure of the reviews posted on the website to the overall traffic. Since the reviews created are to add to the knowledge for others; the site will ensure maximum exposure for the reviews posted by the users. However, the website also guarantees the safety of the information offered by the users.
  • The user’s information that is in contact with multiple browsers including Google, Bing, etc. will also be collected and disclosed to ensure that other customers are also illuminated regarding the searches made.
  • Reviews Castle is liable to present or disclose information in case required by the court and law in accordance with the existing laws.

3. Security Measures:

The following section illuminates the security policies that are framed by Reviews Castle:

  • The website takes the utmost considerations and precautions to protect the information of the users collected. For details about data collection, visit 2.2.
  • The server for the website is located behind safe measures and firewalls, which is used to store the information.
  • The website encourages its users not to send private or confidential information through emails or instant messaging due to the potential liability of security breach.
  • The users can use the contact support for further information.