Businesses in Pest Control

Marylynn reviewed on 13.11.2019

Bee & Wasp Nest Removal Service

Helped get rid of the wasps nests that I had noticed when I was cleaning my grandpas house. After noticing 2 yellowjackets flying around me...

David Skaggs reviewed on 09.09.2019

Excellent Fumigation

It was our first time treating for termites and we had an overall good experience with Excellent Fumigation. Our inspector, Luis, was awesome and spent...

Layla Evans reviewed on 12.11.2019

Ikill Pest Control

This is a review I wish I didn't have to write, because that means we had the harrowing experience of having pests in our home....

Jack reviewed on 13.11.2019

My Termite Company

This review is overdue. I had My Termite fumigate my house and did subterranean treatment in the crawlspace back in July 2017. I also paid...

robert pattinson reviewed on 20.11.2019

Borite Termite & Pest Treatments Corp.

Great service! I have been using Borite for almost 3 years. They are absolutely great, knowledgeable and affordable! Last week was the first time I...

Aviv Kulik reviewed on 05.11.2019

Kilter Termite & Pest Control

Kilter called me a few weeks ago to see if I was interested in a home inspection. I said yes and we scheduled an appointment...

John Batista reviewed on 06.11.2019

Hydrex Pest Control & Termite

Update: I am impressed that Hydrex's manager and president reached out to us. They showed that they want to do a good job. They introduced...

Allen Jeff reviewed on 13.03.2019

Eradicate Pest Elimination Co

We suspect we have flea infestation in our backyard since we have an outdoor dog. Im guessing we brought the fleas inside and we are...

Robert R. Turner reviewed on 08.05.2019

Center Termite Control

I had Center tent, spray, and do some wood replacement on a new (old) house in West LA. They were extremely prompt, didn't damage anything,...

Diana Johnson reviewed on 18.04.2019

Anteater Termite

Alex was professional, on time, and gave a reasonable quote when I asked for an estimate. The receptionist was also very easy to work with,...

Rich John reviewed on 04.06.2019


We hired Atticare based on their great Yelp reviews and the competitive price they gave us to remove old insulation, clean the attic, install new...

Jhony reviewed on 11.09.2019

Clark Pest Control

I am very late in writing this review, but it doesn't change the fact that Clark Pest Control is wonderful. I was finding random bees...

Andrea Randall reviewed on 27.01.2020

Aaron's Bee Removal

Aaron did everything that he promised and more excellent service quotes were spot on call him

Donald K reviewed on 11.07.2019

Get Ur Done Termite & Pest Control

I had a great experience with this company last year but I am sad to say I will not be using them again. I had...

Annabel Jones reviewed on 11.12.2019

Braveheart Pest & Termite Control

Raul was hired to tent my home by my agent upon purchasing a new home. He agreed to fix termite damage in my shower. Job...

Mike Russell reviewed on 07.11.2019

Excellence Pest & Termites

This review is for 424 N Ford Blvd LA CA 90022. Not sure if this is a Franchised Company. This company I feel really cares...

Roy Ethan reviewed on 04.06.2019

Green Earth Pest Control

Had a really great experience with Green Earth today. It was our first time using them. I booked the appointment weeks ago and the woman...

Carolyn Long reviewed on 12.11.2019

A Step Above Pest Control

When I first started using this company, I definitely would have given more stars, but over the past couple of years, I've noticed a decline...

Megan Storey reviewed on 07.10.2019

KK Termite and Pest Control

There have been no ants! So obviously they got the job done. I also added a star because they did contact me and apologized for...

Daniel Gold reviewed on 13.11.2019


I was very pleased with the pricing. However I was bothered that they left trash behind in my front yard. When I took it up...

Gilbert E. Kerr reviewed on 22.10.2019

Pro Source Pest Control & Prevention

I had Pro Source Pest Control come out to my home to eliminate a rat issue I had in my attic 4 months ago. The...

Mike Russell reviewed on 05.11.2019

Bugs A to Z Pest Services

The first time Howard came out to spray for spiders he did an awesome job. Then, the next time we had another guy come out...

Megan Storey reviewed on 10.09.2019

Ecola Termite & Pest Management

I am amending my review. As soon as I posted it, I received a message from Daniel from Ecola, giving me his direct phone number....

Julian Braxton reviewed on 19.11.2019

ProCraft Pest Control

Very friendly technicians but it's hard to get hold of them whenever I call the office, always voicemails and no call back until 24 hrs...