Businesses in Movers

Isaac reviewed on 12.08.2019

Bush Express Transport

DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY!! We decided to use Bush Express Transport & Movers because of their reviews online, despite having never heard of...

Annabel Jones reviewed on 23.07.2019


A latex bed was to be delivered by Vitran. I could have paid $250 for "white glove" delivery & complete set-up of the bed in...

Janis West reviewed on 23.07.2019

Baby Huey's Moving

We are two college students and we booked this company because of the raving reviews! They are definitely a family-owned business and they were very...

Aviv Kulik reviewed on 03.12.2019

Haulin' Movers

I'm very surprised at the response by the management. This was a 1 bedroom move not 2 bedrooms. As I mentioned I have moved several...

Jhony reviewed on 09.10.2019

UNITS Moving & Portable Storage

Adam (their former manager) was a delight to deal with. He apparently no longer works for Units Moving & Portable Storage, which is a shame....

Robin Frank reviewed on 11.11.2019

Navis Pack & Ship

The owner of the business did not supervise the packaging of the fragile items well enough. They'd been packaged badly and incurred damage while in...

Robin Frank reviewed on 05.11.2019


The movers that we had in Houston began our move very professionally. But in the middle of the afternoon they decided they were done. They...

Roy Ethan reviewed on 06.11.2019

Einstein Moving Company - Houston

Update: Received a call from manager Tim Ford at their Houston office. So far, not impressed with their customer service. I was interrupted and did...

Eva John reviewed on 19.11.2019

Texas Moving Center

I booked them through the UHaul site and they are the worst moving company I have ever used. I felt scammed. I called them as...

robert pattinson reviewed on 06.11.2019

Skinny Wimp Moving

I usually keep to myself but just wanted to share my experience with this company. Really nice and wonderful people, but due to how slowly...

Donald K reviewed on 15.10.2019

Migrant Movers and Delivery

If you just need things moved at an affordable price this is the company to use. Unfortunately, I had to have a bed and desk...

Donald K reviewed on 05.11.2019

Clear Lake Movers

Clear Lake Movers have moved my household twice previously; this time a small amount from apartment to a storage unit just up the street. AWFUL....

Joseph Evenson reviewed on 18.09.2019

My Mover

I had a bad experience with this company. I trusted positive Yelp reviews but I am not happy with the way they handled my move....

Robert R. Turner reviewed on 20.11.2019

John D Moving

I waited to review as it was our first time using movers and I wanted to make sure my experience was out of the norm...

Emma Daniels reviewed on 18.06.2019

Great American Logistics

Completely classless and unreliable company, exactly as noted by Carla M. although they actually made her delivery. The first time the delivery was scheduled, they...

Ni Triv reviewed on 17.09.2019

Cal Van Lines

Please save yourself the trouble. My belongings have been loaded for over 3 weeks now and still have not even left the original destination they...

Frank Albert reviewed on 07.08.2019


My container departed from Oakland USOAK on the CAP PORTLAND 537S on September 14 and arrived at Manzanillo/Mexico MXZLO on September 19. My container *should...

Layla Evans reviewed on 06.11.2019

Old Dominion Freight Line

Someone in my complex used them for a move , the driver blocked me in my garage and left ! Yep you heard me took...

Addison James reviewed on 19.11.2019

Cheap Hauling & Light Moving

If there was a way I could give this moving company a half of star, I would. Lets just say, you get what you paid...

Danial Danial reviewed on 14.10.2019

Big Leprechaun Moving & Storage

Since we were actually very pleased with their initial service, it pains me to write this review, but it has been so frustrating dealing with...

Emma Daniels reviewed on 09.10.2019

Los Angeles Transfer and Storage

This has to be the worst customer experience I've ever had in my life. I called Jeff and told him exactly what I had in...

David Skaggs reviewed on 20.11.2019

Acme Moving

We moved from a home we lived in for 32 years from the coast to inland San Diego. We were not given any formal contract,...

Diana Johnson reviewed on 20.11.2019

Cool Box Portable Storage

Our coolbox has been sitting in our driveway for 5 days, causing problems for our contractors, our family and my elderly mom to get in...

Eva John reviewed on 14.11.2019

Right Choice Movers

They where supposed to show up between 9 am to 10 am, they didn't show up so we called and they said that there was...